Why You'll Love It

  • Fun Activities

    We've got 50 unique challenge prompts to help you get out of your study abroad comfort zone. We'll make learning as simple as: trying new things + a quick reflection exercise.

  • Jumpstart Ideas

    Not sure where to start? We've brainstormed hundreds of ways you can put our activities in action. You can start with one of our suggestions or you can create your own thing!

  • Instagram Ready

    When you get bored of taking photos of the latest tourist spot, we've got some great photo-friendly ideas for things you can post. Just remember to tag #funstudyabroadskills

Simple Steps ➠ Big Change

Our fun and easy to do challenges will help you boost your study abroad skills no matter where you are on your journey.
Simple Steps ➠ Big Change

What's Included

  • 1
    Grab your activity book 💥
    • Download your file here!
    • Ready to get started?
  • 2
    Tips on Using Your Activity Book 📚
    • BEFORE | How to use this activity book before you go
    • DURING | How to use this book while you're abroad
    • AFTER | How to use this book once you return

Use this activity book...

Before Study Abroad

Stretch (yourself) before you go abroad by doing something new and different every week. Practice new habits and routines so you can get a jump start on adapting to your host country.

During Study Abroad

Are you overwhelmed with all of your options? Or maybe you're stuck in a rut? Our activities can spark some ideas for how to build skills (on purpose) while having fun.

After Study Abroad

Welcome back home. Two of the biggest frustrations after abroad are feeling bored and losing momentum. The challenges in this book will help you combat both!